How to Create an FTP Account in cPanel

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FTP account is used for managing files of your website. Every cPanel account comes with default FTP account with our hosting plan. You can create new ftp accounts to give access to other users without giving them your cPanel login credentials by following below steps:

Step 1.¬†Login to your cPanel account and then select “FTP Accounts” under “Files” section.

Step 2. Next is you have to fill out the all information under “Add FTP Account”:

  • Log In: Enter the username.
  • Domain: Select your domain name.
  • Password: Enter password for your FTP account or Generate a password using the “Password Generator” button.
  • Password (Again): Repeat the same password that you have filled in password field.
  • Directory: Enter the path of your directory which you would like to access.
  • Quota:¬† You can limit the maximum space usage or you can leave it as Unlimited.

Note:- If you enter “john” in username field and “” in this domain field then your FTP Username will be “[email protected]

Step 3. Click on the “Create FTP Account” button.

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