How to Install cPanel & WHM on CentOS

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Install perl

$ yum install perl

Set a hostname for the server. The hostname must be a fully qualified domain name. You can set the hostname of your server with the following command:

Note: Replace “” with a FQDN.


Install Screen

$ yum install wget screen -y
$ clear

Create new screen:

$ screen -S cPanelInstallation

To install cPanel & WHM on your server, run the following command:

$ cd /home && wget -N && sh latest


If you get warning during installation “cPanel does not support Network Manager enabled”, then run the following command:

Disable Network Manager & Restart Network Service on Centos 6 with the following commands:

$ service NetworkManager stop
$ chkconfig NetworkManager off
$ chkconfig network on
$ service network start

Disable Network Manager & Restart Network Service on Centos 7 with the following commands:

$ systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
$ systemctl disable NetworkManager.service
$ systemctl enable network.service
$ systemctl start network.service

Retry Installation after Disabling Network Manager & Restarting Network Service.

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